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Happy birthday Scruffs!

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Scruffs, a Labradoodle who has featured on the blog before was  a year old this week, Happy birthday Scruffs! There was a birthday party at his breeders home to celebrate the day for the entire litter of 10 puppies!! Scruffs did take his family along with him and here is Phil’s account of the day 🙂

Back from our adventure in Devon to celebrate Scruffs’ birthday.  Thought you might be interested in a few pictures.  Fantastic seeing all his siblings and back with his mum one year on.   As is the way with crosses they all look at bit different but there were two other dogs that are virtually identical to him.   Without collars not sure I would have been able to tell the difference! Aside from the fun and games it was one of those weekends where all the training seems worthwhile.   As you can imagine with 10 puppies and a few other dogs running around off lead for a few hours it was a bit chaotic to say the least but he was one of the better behaved ones (mind you they were all pretty thuggish!) and it was pretty clear who had put the time in training and who hadn’t.   As you know he has been a real bugger on his recall at times recently but he was amazing coming to call and sitting nicely even with the distraction of his siblings going nuts.   The attempt at a group photograph was particularly enjoyable.  Scruffs came to call and sat at heel very easily ready for the picture while there were plenty of people chasing their dogs all over the place trying to get them and then holding them to the spot for ten seconds for a picture.    There are enough times when it goes wrong so please forgive the brief gloat!    I would have given you a plug but they all live a bit far away! Also enjoyed the time at the hotel which ended up letting dogs in the restaurant for dinner.   I feared that this could be quite a stressful meal with three other dogs in room but we put his lead under the chair leg and pretty soon calmed down and just stayed there quietly all through the meal. Overall one of those days where all the little bits of training slot into place and make life with a dog quite enjoyable.  Of course the next day we were walking off lead in Exmoor and he spotted a pony, chased after it and wouldn’t come back but hey nobody is perfect J See you Thursday, Phil
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