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Specialist Training For Dogs

At thedogcalmer we specialise in courses and workshops to fit the individual needs of your dog.

Please find the most bespoke classes below to get an idea of the types of courses we offer.

One-To-One For Dogs

Our trainer Avril will make an assessment and formulate an action plan.

She will estimate how many sessions are required, sometimes one or two sessions are enough to resolve a particular behavioural issue, but more often, up to 6 sessions are required.

Avril always respects the speed the dog will work at; she will endeavour to go as fast as possible, but no more. Almost without exception, all learning benefits from a slow pace and invariably turns out to be the fastest method with the best results. 

Image by Kyle Mackie
Image by Wade Austin Ellis

Dogs With Social Issues

This problem is widespread, but this unwanted behaviour can be changed with a combination of ‘One to One’ sessions and then introducing the dog and handler into a group class environment. 

The initial ‘One To One’ work is vital – the client learns what provokes this behaviour and what to do when their dog reacts badly to another dog.  Depending on how severe the problem is, time is spent building up the exposure to other dogs slowly and safely – putting a dog with this problem straight into a class with a group of other dogs would be hazardous, to say the least...

Walk & Train

The walk and train session is taking the classroom into real life, nature, other dogs and people to distract both the dogs and us. This is one of our most popular training sessions; in the early stages, this may be the first time a puppy has been let off the lead away from home, through to the advanced level when the whole group are off the lead but under complete control of their owners.

Hungry Dog
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