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Required Equipment For Training...

Four Foot Soft Lead

Availible From the The Dog Calmer

Tasty Treats For Your Dog

Poistive Reinforcement

A Favourite Toy

Keep Them Happy

Grooming Equipment

Keeping Them Groomed

Sensible Shoes

Your Going To Be Walking On Rough Terrain

A Bum Or Treat Bag

Hide Those Treats

Dog Walker at the Park

Our Standards...

Please read before attending our classes...

thedogcalmer aims to help you and your dog achieve the most from your training. If at any time you have a query, please do not hesitate to ask...

  • Please do not allow your dog to relieve him/herself in inappropriate places, if at all possible. It helps to take your dog to a familiar place for toileting before going to training or into built-up areas. Please clean up after your dog at all times. Spare pooh bags are available at the training. If coming to my garden please do not allow your dog to toilet on or near the house, flower pots or gateways.

  • Classes are for one dog and one person, numbers are always limited to a maximum of 5 dogs.If a dog is not booked on the course they cannot attend. This does not apply to one to one sessions. 

  • Do not allow your dog to approach other dogs or people, as this can be frightening for both. Protect your own dog. Protect other dogs from your own if necessary. Especially when meeting new dogs at class, not all dogs are friendly, ask first and please listen to the answer, if the other person is not sure, don’t risk your dog’s confidence by taking chances! If in doubt ask me first please.

  • We advise you to take out Third Party Liability Insurance cover for your dog. In modern-day society, litigation is commonplace. If your dog causes an accident, you may be liable for damages.

  • If you feel that you are not succeeding with an exercise, it is possible that I have not explained it properly or I have not communicated it in a way that you have understood. Please tell me if you feel you need more help with an exercise – I will be more than happy to go through it again and as often as you and your dog need for success.

  • Please do not use extendible leads in class. Four foot leads are ideal for training and recommended ones are for sale at training.

  • thedogcalmer operates a policy that requires handlers to be aged 16 years or over on the Puppy/Beginner 6 week course. Thereafter, a safety assessment may be carried out, by me, to evaluate the ability of any handler under 16 years to take part in group training and class environment. 

  • Individual ‘One to One’ help is available for all areas of dog training – please ask for more information.

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Woodyhyde, Anchor Lane, Abbess Roding, Ongar, Essex CM5 0JR

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Image by Jonathan Daniels
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