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Dog Training Tips

If you’re looking for tools and resources to help your dog, you’re in the right place. 

At thedogcalmer, we want to help you understand your dog. Sharpen your knowledge, make the most of your time, and start creating real results for you and your dog.

Start your journey with the thedogcalmer...

Free Training Guide

Free tips on how to train your dog yourself.

Free tips on how to train your dog yourself.

Image by Joe Caione

How To Stroke Your Dog

A video to help teach better behaviour from your dog.

We love stroking our dogs. Did you know it can help calm your dog's behaviour and change their mood? Avril from thedogcalmer guides you to influence your dog's different behaviours and attitudes with varying stroking techniques in this short video.

Image by Ralu Gal

Our Book

'Following The Lead' - £6.99 on Amazon.

This book is about my journey to becoming a dog trainer and behaviour counsellor, my dream job, not that I knew even what the job looked like before I created the job! The greatest tools I have ever had to learn about dogs has been my own dogs, the ones I have lived with have been my greatest teachers.

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