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One to One - Behaviour Consult Online

Changing your dogs behaviour from the comfort of your own home, via a facetime call, allows me to observe your dog, yet at the same time not affecting your dogs behaviour,  I can help you to respond in real time to affect real results!

Our clients have been delighted with the changes brought about in even one session online, sometimes changing behaviour that has been troublesome for a number of weeks, months and even years! 

There are many advantages: 

  • No call out fee

  • Good for the environment as no cars needed

  • Stress free for the dogs as in the home environment along with their own family 

  • Owner in complete control of the training

  • Home is often where the most help is required


Book the day and time that suits you best

Don't put up with behaviour that can so easily be changed, enjoy your dog more today!

Offer available till the end of January, you may purchase up to 3 sessions, during this window, though the session can be used anytime in the next 12 months. 


Book an Online Appointment

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