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Image by Jamie Street


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This is one of our most popular training sessions...

The walk and train session is taking the class room out into real life, nature, other dogs and people to distract both us and the dogs. In the early stages this may be the first time a puppy has been let off the lead away from home, through to the advanced level when the whole group are off lead but under complete control of their owners.

Image by Alvan Nee

What happens in a session...

At puppy and intermediate levels, the training commences in the garden and progresses to walk once we have established good behaviour in the garden. As dogs progress, the walk lasts most of the 2 hours.

  • Registration and introductions tea/coffee

  • Expectations and concerns

  • Goal setting

  • Lead work assessment 

  • Lead work training and practice

  • Short recall training and practice

  • To ensure safety, most dogs will start the off-lead part of the training on a long line trailing one at a time at the front of the group. 

  • Reflection on session and evaluation of goal

Who would be best for this course...

Anyone that has completed the early steps of lead work and recall and feel ready to go out with the support of an instructor and a group of like-minded owners. 

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