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Are you afraid your dog will bite one day? Free help for dog owners!

Ever wondered why dogs become aggressive? Many people suffer under the incorrect illusion that a dog has to be mistreated to become a danger, this is sadly, not the case. But there are reasons and indications, dogs biting and killing does not come out of the blue! There is always a build up, an escalating process, that has not been noticed, because pet owners don’t know what to look for. Dogs are hurting people, and the number of injuries is growing every year. What starts out as innocent puppy play can become dangerous as the dog grows to adulthood around 2 years of age.

I want to help dogs and owners make changes that keep everyone safe, For the month of April, @thedogcalmer are offering free guidance for all dog owners, if you contact us, we will send you a questionnaire for you to complete and return, we will read every one returned and will respond and inform you of behaviour that you need to change, modify or get further help with, or if I don’t see any concerns then I will happily tell you.Plus, anyone whose dog is 18 months or younger, with any concerns is welcome to a free 15 minute telephone consult.

For anyone reading this has a dog over 2 and are at all concerned it is imperative you seek one to one help immediately, do not hesitate.

Some statistics:

Since the global pandemic hit in 2020, there has been a rise in pet ownership in the UK of 3.2 million households. Bring total dogs in UK homes to 12 million.


8665 hospital admissions from dog bites, plus the injured that did’t get admitted. A 17% rise on the previous year.

(NHS digital)

2925 people needed reconstructive surgery, 380 of these were under 4 years

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