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Indoor entertainment for puppies in bad weather!

After yesterday’s weather and again today, I am sure you are all as keen as me to find indoor entertainment for your puppy!! I have to confess that after Betty’s naughty day last week I had to get honest with myself:) and I know it was because I had been neglecting her training! At 6 months she has so much energy, enthusiasm and curiosity that I have to makes sure she is stretched more, even on my busy days, which is when I can be a bit sloppy!

Here are some of my ideas for channeling all that energy! :

Indoor training to include

  1. Sit, down and stand

  2. Stays, both sit and downs (I practise really long downs for 30 minutes in the evening:) )

  3. Sitting at heel and watching

  4. Sit and heel and turning in all directions while maintaining the watch

  5. Short recalls (10 of these on the trot) everyday

  6. Putting to heel from all sides and directions

  7. Retrieve

Games to include

  1. Tricks like Betty on the skateboard

  2. High five

  3. Waving

  4. Roll over

  5. Face wiping

  6. Lie flat

  7. Tricks with the hoop, going through, over etc

And for the pups amusement when I need a rest:

  1. A toy stuffed with treats, that take ages to lick out

  2. occasionally a big real beef bone (can cause constipation or tummy upsets so introduce slowly), do not leave 2 dogs alone with bones as they can cause fights!

  3. Chews either hide or munchy ones

Puppies of 6 to 8 months need to chew as their teeth are all through and are settling into the gums, but they do not need to chew 24 hours a day, if you allow them they will, but this can become a bad habit, so ensure they are with you part of the time without anything to chew on so that they develop healthy habits!

Here are my ideas, I look forward to hearing from you all with your tips for keeping puppies busy!! 🙂

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