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How to toilet train a puppy | Quick wins

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

It's Avril here from thedogcalmer. We've loved meeting so many new puppies over the last couple of months, and if there is one challenge all new owners have in common, it's toilet training their puppy.

I find that we're inclined to forgive our four-legged best friends for going to the toilet indoors; whilst longing for the day they consistently take their business to the great outdoors!

To toilet train a puppy as efficiently as possible, we need to establish a consistent feeding regime to create a toilet routine to predict and make sure the puppy goes out at the correct times.

Top tips for toilet training puppies

1. Feed a high-quality puppy food - I recommend one of the high-end kibbles

2. Do not add too many different foods to the puppy's diet during toilet training

3. Avoid high salt snacks and treats (makes the puppy drink more water, and we know what that means!)

Praise quietly and gently when your puppy toilets outside as they are going. If your praise is too enthusiastic, your puppy will forget what the credit is for, causing detriment to your end goal of successful toilet outdoors.

A final top tip - as much as it can be frustrating that your puppy still goes to the toilet during training, ignore those little accidents indoors, or your puppy will be afraid to go in front of you outside.

Don't be shy; call us on 07505 277374 to start your journey of having the dog everyone else wants! We run group classes throughout the year and even one-to-one sessions.

Avril x

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