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Betty goes out for the day!! Twice!


Scruffs and family!

Sooo Cute!!

Betty has had a busy week with me:) bank holiday monday we had an outing to the Countess of Warwick show at Little Easton. A great place for a puppy, well one with a confidant approach to life at least! There was everything there from the morris dancers to animals of every shape and size and it seemed everyone took their dog too! I felt sorry for one or two dogs that were obviously a bit overwhelmed by the experience, mature dogs that havent been out in the world enough.  I felt even more sorry for some of the people that must have thought it would be a great place to take their dog, and were suffering from the lack of dog training, these people were being towed round, the owners arms must have grown a foot by the time they went home!

I managed to lose my car in the car park! I had to leave my sister Lesley and niece Lottie to hold Betty (she was pooped!) while I searched the car park, of course it was at the furthest end, where I hadn’t looked the first time!

Betty did her first client training session with Phil and his Labradoodle Scruffs on Thursday, we both had puppies out of control from playing with each other at the start! By the end of the session we started to be able to recall them, reasonably successfully! Though tiredness was kicking in and they were showing their tiredness by getting grumpy with each other! A work in progress for both of us:)

Saturday and I took Betty with me to Burleigh horse trials near Stamford! Another busy event for Betty, again everyone seemed to have taken their dog with them! The dog creche sounded over subscribed, a great idea, though the noise from the tent was best missed by humans at least, and for owners who don’t want their dog to learn to bark more!

It was great to be in such a beautiful setting, if you haven’t been the grounds and house are worth the visit, even if you don’t like horses:)! The trade stands are just amazing, full of the most lavish clothing and furniture, dog and horse gear. I brought some new leads for my clients, I actually found some good four foot leads in a great range of colours!! If you want a preview click the link below!

Betty was a sweety the whole day, making a lot of new friends and making sure I did by making eyes at anyone who had the time to stop! She is inclined to follow the nearest pair of legs at the moment, she hasn’t learnt to work out which are mine, which meant she managed to trip a few people up when she was scooting away from some of the larger dogs :)! Luckily no bones broken! Though she was completely bowled over by one very important looking man in a suit, he was on the phone and in a hurry and barely noticed  that he had bowled poor Betty over in the dust, she is used to being bowled over by the Pie and seemed to take it in her stride, more or less :)!

Betty was as grateful as me to find the car at the first attempt this time:) by the time we got home she had a new lease of life and roared round the garden, delighted to be back on home turf! Sadly I forgot the camera! I promise to do better next time:)

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