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Tye and Kaycie are very clever!!

Vikki Stone kindly sent in some photo’s of her Border Collies, and what great ones they are!! Thank you so much Vikki! I love the canoe one best 🙂 And I see that Maggie is doing some advertising in one shot!! 🙂 she gets in everywhere!

“Tye 3yr old black and white border collie and Kaycie 4yr old red and white border collie both are rescue dogs from different backgrounds. Tye came from a family who could not look after him no more and kaycie came from a show breeder where she lived outside with other dogs that started picking on her. now both my dogs take part in fun agility, obedience, flyball,and clicker training at allsorts dog training school. Hope you like the pics. vikki xxx”

Vikki competing at agility

Lovely eyes!

Avril's favourite!! 🙂

Chill out time!

Great photo!

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