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Toilet training any dog!

Toilet training

Dogs do want to be clean!

Toilet training a young puppy takes time and effort from the owner, and is not an easy task, especially when you are new to dogs and have a busy household to run. However investing this time in your young dog will pay off and a good concentrated effort over 2 weeks will get you both through the worst.

  1. Take the dog outside every 2 hours (this is the minimum, for really small puppies i.e. 8-12 weeks more frequently)

  2. Stay outside with the puppy until he/she goes to the toilet

  3. Praise him as he goes to the toilet, e.g. “Good dog, good dog” in a quiet calm voice

  4. Use a key word to encourage the puppy to go, such as ‘busy, busy’ or ‘be clean’, your puppy will learn what is expected and learn to go on command.

  5. Do not put newspaper down indoors – if you do the puppy will learn that you want he/she to go to the toilet indoors

  6. If you come home or enter a room, to a mess, do not scold your dog.

You could tell the dog off, if you catch him in the act of going to the toilet indoors, but you must take him outside immediately, and stay with him until he goes. This way you can balance out the scolding, by praising the dog for getting it right.


  1. All dogs want to be clean

  2. Your dog does not go to the toilet just to upset you or to get you back! Even if it feels like that!

  3. Dog’s do forget and will get it wrong sometimes

  4. You will succeed!


Should your dog start toileting indoors only when left alone, it is not a house training problem, it is likely to be the onset of separation anxiety and you will need more help to solve this issue, but you can! Contact Avril for more help!

Occasionally a medical problem can be the cause, always consult your Vet.

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