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Pie takes Betty to the seaside!

Betty sees the sea!

Isnt this weather great! I made the most of the sun with a trip to Southwold and Dunwich with Adam and Ian and the dogs! Betty’s first trip to the seaside!

On the behaviour course last weekend we were talking about social things to introduce puppies too, and Jeanette, who is into gun dog training was saying how swimming introduced in the early weeks makes for good swimmers. I must confess having my dogs swimming has not been a priority for me, though I can see it would be for gun dog owners. Pie does not like the water, but interestly as he was born in September it was not the right weather for beach trips in his the early days! Both of my last two Collies, Teddy and Truly were born earlier in the year so I guess they did get to the water early on, and both liked swimming!

I carried Betty most of the walk to the beach at Dunwich, saving her energy for the beach part! She was fascinated when she saw the water, but soon decided to stay near Pie, and true to form Pie put his brakes on every time the tide got close, not getting even his feet wet and Betty did just as he did! Eventually I went in paddling to encourage Pie in further, he overcame his reluctance to follow me and dear little Betty was right behind him :), being so small she was soon in to deep water for her! Betty took it all in her stride, swimming round me, I got worried and steered her back to the beach! She proved it wasn’t just a mistake by doing the same again, so it seems she will be a swimmer!

We all collapsed in giggles at a wet Betty, she looked so silly, skinny little legs, looking more like a whippet than a Collie as you can see from the photo!

I have seen how to insert a slide show, let me know if you prefer this format or shown photo’s?

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Betty thought Ian looked like a perfect towel for her, when he sat on the beach, and used his shirt to dry off!

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