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My book, Betty and doorways!

Me and Betty and cuddle time!

Betty, silly ears tell me she is teething!

I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying this great weather!! Not quite so great when I am working, but on the whole it is possible to find less exerting exercises for the dogs, while still getting the job of training them done!

I have been a bit neglectful of the blog the last few days as I have been concentrating on putting the finishing touches to my book! At last! I hear many of you say:) I am an organic type of writer, at least this book has been very organic, growing at my pace when I am in the mood:)!

I have not been neglecting the dogs though and Betty’s training is coming along brilliantly, she is so clever, at least so far:), this week I have been noticing some more of those little things I do that I think make my puppies easier, things that I forget to tell my puppy clients as I guess they are instinctive for me, rather than thought out, of it there were thought out it was a long while ago:)!

Dogs and doors

Betty is of that age when if a cupboard door opens she puts her head in for a look, of course she would, the young love to explore! On one occasion she climbed right in the pan cupboard, my reponse is to take little notice 🙂 she soon came out of the pan cupboard:). When she puts her head in I gently press the door closed until she retracts herself, this way she is learning to not put her head in, I do not say anything to her, I do not need a command for not putting her head in the cupboard as she will soon grow out of this phase. She is learning a useful lesson though, to be careful of doors! I do not want her thinking she can rush through any door that opens, some doors will not be so safe, like the car door or a door opening onto a road or public place. By addressing the door thing at this level she will take this experience over to other doors! When I am moving around the house, she is not allowed through doors unless invited, if she does rush through I simply turn round and go back the room we were in, she follows and I go out again without her. I use my feet or the door, in a gentle but determined way to block her when I can, it is good manners for her to be respectful at doorways, so I teach her patiently and persistently to do be respectful and wait until she is invited.

I often see dogs that rush through every door that is opened, often trampling and bashing their owners, it is a very irritating and rude habit that can be changed with a little thoughtful planning! It is in these small ways that we can establish a great deal of respect and attention from our dogs that has repercussions into all areas of life!

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