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More visitors, Bronte visits Betty and Pie!

This slideshow requires JavaScript. Betty had a busy week with Smarty her brother visiting one day and the next Bronte, the Border Collie puppy that Annie has waited 6 years for(see Bronte’s story), coming over the next day! I like my puppy to meet up regularly with the dogs and puppy’s that she will be meeting throughout her life, that way they become part of the extended pack, which makes my life easy whenever they meet. These are the dogs she can enjoy a social life with, not the strange ones in the park that we might only meet once! As most of my friends are dog trainers or at least train their dogs properly, I can also use these dogs to train Betty how to behave with other dogs. That means no rough games are allowed and Betty has to recall to me in the middle of the fun, ensuring she learns to be obedient around other dogs. It helps when the other dogs owners are of a like mind so that we both get to practise!

Bronte is a little younger than Betty but well-grown and strong, Pie liked to join in with the girls too! Bronte is his niece, as her Mum is his sister. They kept us amused on a hot sunny day while we sipped cold drinks and enjoyed the sunshine and the doggy entertainment!

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