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Some of you will have met Magic at Barbary Cottage, he is a small pony that belongs to Adam and Ian at Barnards Bridge, he came to stay with me for the summer for some extra attention and grass! Adam and Ian rescued Magic, who had a very bad start in life, which has left him with some mental scars about people particularly. He is going home shortly for the winter months, back with the other ponies and donkeys! He has been very happy here with Pie and Betty and even become more friendly with people! It did take me the best part of a fortnight for me to get near him, and another couple of weeks until he would stay around me when I hadn’t got a carrot!

Magic has been out for walks with Betty and Pie, so now thinks whenever I take them for a walk, he should come too, following us as far as he can along the fences:). He became so relaxed with Betty and Pie that he has helped several other dogs become used to a pony, one of the classes even had half of their lesson in the paddock with him last week, ensuring some more dogs will not be afraid of horses or want to chase them!

You might wonder what Pie and Betty are looking for on the ground in the photo’s, well it is the crumbs of carrots that Magic has dropped! I don’t think Pie even liked carrots before Magic came, but once he saw Magic being fed carrots he wanted them too! Betty will eat anything so she soon worked out that Magic dropped bits!

Magic has become so much braver since Adam and Ian first had him, and while here is showing even more curiosity about my visitors, many have been able to stroke him over the fence now and he responds very positively to children. My niece Lottie has given him a lot of carrots and he comes straight to the fence if he sees her about! Curiosity is the first sign of confidence and I am sure Magic will continue to improve and eventually learn to trust humans again!

I am sure all of you that have met him will want to say a big thank you to Magic, and Adam and Ian for allowing him to come to stay!

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