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How To Get The Perfect Recall

A couple of weeks back, whilst on my early morning stroll with my dog, a new dog owner was trying to recall their mischievous (and adorable) pup as it thrust towards my four-legged friend and me.

They called once, twice, three times, and still, the puppy didn't return to its owner.

As the owner manages to catch up, they apologise over and over again. Of course, I explained it was OK.

We got chatting, and I gave them some helpful tips. I left the conversation recognising how embarrassed new dog owners can get when their dog struggles to recall and how dangerous it can be.

I put pen to paper and got to work on my top tips for successful recall, hopefully putting some of those embarrassing moments to bed...

Positive reinforcement

Always reward with treats away from home using a high value treat like chicken, sausage or fish.

Quality over quantity

Don't get greedy - practising for too long or until the behaviour declines will diminish their attention, thus the results.

Instead, stop on the time you are most pleased with what your dog did, putting them back on the lead, at least for a while. Doing this will mean you "bank that one" by consistently banking the good ones by stopping; your recall will keep improving.

Encouragement goes a long way

Behave encouragingly, be the person your dog wants to come back to. The tone of your voice plays an essential role during recall training.

Set you and your dog up for success

If your dog struggles to recall when there are people and other dogs around, start small by choosing a quiet place and one person to support your dog training goals by ignoring your dog. Please don't go to a busy park where he is bound to fail, and no one understands what you are trying to achieve.

Using the lead effectively

Use a long line trailing on the ground - if you hold a long line, your dog is just on a lead. Trailing a dog lead is a building block to recall safely.


Are you still struggling to Recall your dog with success?

We have a course dedicated to this common challenge. You can check our availability for the course below...

Or call us on 07505 277374, we'd be delighted to help point you in the right direction. Don't be shy, we love to help.

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