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Fireworks are coming – look after your dog!

Bonfire night is a nightmare for some dog owners every year, this is aggravated by fireworks getting louder and the period on time that fireworks are available. There was a time when fireworks were only let off on one night a year, nowadays it can last a month and then we have the whole thing again at new year! Many dogs would cope for one night, but the repetition of the experience wears even stable dogs down.


make your dog feel safe by providing a “den”, a crate is ideal covered with thick blankets to keep out any light effects.

homeopathic and aroma therapy products can help, consult your local consultant or health shop.

do not try to soothe your dog, this will only cause them to be more frightened!

for some dogs putting a “T” shirt on them can make them feel cocooned and safer

if your dog likes playing in doors, play can be used to lift your dogs adrenaline which in turn makes them feel braver.

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