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Dennis and Smarty come to visit Betty!

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Maggie brought Smarty and Dennis to visit! Smarty is Betty’s brother and a lot bigger than Betty! I paricularly love the two action shots, one where it looks like Dennis is flying in the background 🙂 and the one with Smarty and Betty playing!

Maggie and I had a fun time showing off our puppy’s tricks to each other and Maggie gave me a lesson in clicker training! Maggie attended all my behaviour and instructor courses, she was an inspirational student and continues to inspire me! Maggie is so creative in her training and inspires me to try new stuff, how lucky I am to know so many great dog trainers:)! I am a slow learner and Maggie was very patient with me, think I have got it now! I have tried clicker training before and given up as I just didn’t get it!

I hope you like the photo’s?

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