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Day two of Betty!

The hardest part of having a new puppy is how full on life suddenly becomes, everything focussed around the new baby! At seven weeks she is sleeping a lot of the time, yet my day is planned around when Betty eats, sleeps and taking her out to the toilet!Pie who loves puppies is distinctly unimpressed, grumping if Betty gets too close, dear little Betty simply goes into a submissive posture, low on her belly or retreats from him rapidly! Watching them I can see Pie does like her but is playing the big guy, letting her know who’s the boss here!

Pie looking on!

What a difference 24 hours makes, as it came up to exactly 24 hours from her arrival her confidence kicks in! She turns into a whirling dervish of mischief, hanging off my jeans, chasing Pie, who continues to stay macho and has to make a louder noise to deter her from jumping on him! I have only closed the cage door so far when she has her food, but I can see we need to be progressing now her confidence has arrived!

I spent most of the evening being entertained by her and Pie, Betty running at him, Pie barking, Betty retreating before rushing at him again and the whole act repeats itself! She is eating every bit of rubbish on the floor, inside and out! I can easily distract her from anything worrisome and cross my fingers and hope her stomach doesn’t react too badly!

Time to get creative with her entertainment, I am delighted with myself for thinking of hanging the ball on a rope on her cage door, so is Betty for a few minutes, but every bit helps!

Home entertainment!

The ball on a rope off the cage door keeps Betty busy for a while!

I couldn’t help but let her stay on my lap later in the evening when she fell asleep, I do love a cuddle 🙂 ! I knew I had to get her ready to be alone at bedtime, so after her last feed at 9pm we spent some time out side and once back in the kitchen, I busied myself to help her prepare for me leaving her again. At around 10pm I left the kitchen and went in my office for a few minutes until she stopped the tiny bit of whining and settled down.

Through the night I came too occasionally but again all was quiet! I got up at 6am to just one puddle and a happy Betty! She had obviously been very settled or she would have been more active and gone to the toilet more, I was delighted to see her rapid adjustment to her new home!

With this much confidence her training could begin today!

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