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Betty’s first walk!

Monday and the start of our first proper week, Betty is now feeling quite at home and safe and I need some routine so that I can get some work done amongst all this puppy training!

I start the day with a walk coupled with a little training with Pie, next it is Betty’s turn. The part I find hardest about having more than one dog is having to split myself between them and the knowledge that up to a few days ago Pie was an only dog, having my undivided attention, like every other dog owner I feel guilty that he is not ever going to get all the attention again, but he is a dog and he can and will adjust! By walking him first on his own he gets the most important (in his eyes) part of the day to himself :)!

I must have time alone to train Betty before Pie becomes the most important person in her life!

I need to tire Betty out so that I can get some work done, I take her on a new adventure out of the garden! I carried her to the nearby paddock, she changed immediately we left the garden, becoming a little subdued and more alert to the sounds of nature around us, these were the same pheasant noises she heard in the garden, but now she was on the alert! I alternated carrying her and putting her down and encouraging her to follow, sometimes she would just sit and be a little afraid to follow, if I couldn’t persuade her I simply picked her up again, I want her to know I am safe, whatever else might happen! Once we turned back to home she became braver and was now on the ground all the time, coming onto land for the second time made that much difference! I kept moving away from her to stimulate the natural instinct to follow, which she did happily. I had put some of her puppy food in  my pocket and now she was more relaxed I started calling “Betty puppy” and giving her a piece when she arrived, it took about 3 or 4 pieces before she twigged that it might not be an accident, and I then reduced the sound to “Betty” to start the job of teaching her her name. (Most breeders call “puppy” or similar when feeding the litter, in the early days before the puppy has learnt her name this call can be used to wean the puppy to her new name), having programmed her with the food, she happily continued to respond! The whole “walk” only lasted about 10 minutes and I was carrying her for a good part of it. We arrived home and Betty went silly with confidence now she was back on familiar territory, yet I had seen the signs of stress and knew she was tired, time for me to work and Betty to have more practice with the crate door shut. I put the crate by me as I sit at the PC, it took a few minutes for her to settle, we had a bit of whining, but it was half-hearted and simply her winding down from the excitement, she was soon fast asleep again!

Betty and her new favourite toy the milk bottle!

Come my coffee break two hours later, I took her out to the toilet and a little play in the garden before leaving her in the kitchen, crate door open to amuse herself while I went back to work, her favourite toy today is an empty plastic milk bottle, very cheap toy! Apart from lunch time she spent the time in the kitchen to sleep or playing on her own until it was time for my Pilates lesson, and another outing! This time in the car I put her in a small carry crate that would fit on the front sit, this way she was secure and could see me, she settled very quickly, this means that in no time she will be in the crate in boot, once I am confidant she feels secure.

Coffee break and a quick scratch at her collar

Meeting Tracey and Pilates

Betty in her car carrier

At meal times I use about half her food to teach Betty sit and down, well at 3 of her 4 meal times, in the morning I just want some tea! I will make a small video and show you this soon!

I look forward to your comments and questions 🙂

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