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Betty has a swim!

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The one advantage to summer ending is the glorious colour of the leaves changing! My favourite walk always includes going round the lake in front of Barbary Cottage, it is always a different picture every day, even every time, as the light changes and the reflections vary in the water. The leaves now sometimes lying on the top of the lake, fooled Betty into thinking she could walk on water earlier in the week :), I didn’t have my camera to hand of course, but I saw the way she was looking at the leaves and I could see what she was thinking 🙂 rather than call her away I waited, preferring for her to go in while I was watching and could help her out if she got into difficulties, and in she went! Betty swam straight to shore and hauled herself out unaided, her legs are so long now the bank was no challenge to her:)! She shook herself off and carried on as if she intended to go for a swim:). The next day, I did have the camera and you can see that she is keeping well away from the edge of the lake! It will be sometime before she is fooled again! Her coat very fluffy from her unexpected bath!

Pie is older and wiser and rarely even gets his toes wet, showing off walking along the wall at the edge! I practiced some new settings on the camera, some seemed to work better than others, though I am not sure now which settings produced the best shots 🙂 ! I have put them all in the slide show to demonstrate my camera skills, even though accidental!! Plus a not so good shot of a Muntjac deer, taken from inside my kitchen window, not so bad considering! Pie was barking at the deer in the paddock, who took no notice of him, so was either very young or very blase about dogs, and simply carried on eating the last of the blackberries!

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