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Betty and Babies!

See Betty’s babies the day they were born here:

Many thanks to Jo at Jobo design for filming! The clip is from day one, nearly one week on and the babies are all as fat as butter and Betty still loves her new job!

And again thanks to Jo for the new brochure design, see it here:

What Betty is teaching me:

Dogs never forget to treat other dogs as just that a dog!

Betty won’t take any chances with her babies! Pie would like to have a little nose at the new babies, at least that is how I see his behaviour. Betty instinctively knows that looking is how trouble could start. Pie has never hurt another animal in his life, but does Betty know that or care? Most likely not, and in any case the pups are so small it would only take one snap to do fatal damage. So Betty doesn’t want to know what Pie thinks of her babies, he is not allowed near them, that way we are all confidant the pups are safe! Good for you Betty for reminding me we are not in a Disney film!

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