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Another outing!

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Many thanks to Phil and Scruffs for the photo’s of the pigs at the Blue Egg!

I forgot the camera again! At least I remembered to take Betty, so that was a good start! I took Betty with me on my travels today, we stopped for lunch at the Blue Egg near Bardfield for lunch, they do dish out the most huge portions of everything they serve, scrummy, but do go there hungry! The garden and children’s play area at the back is just a great place for puppy’s too, they have small pigs, goats, chickens and rabbits in secure runs! Betty has met most of these when visiting Barnards Bridge and my friends Adam and Ian, but pigs were new for her! They made the most wonderful noises, grunting, snorting and squealing! There were four of them and they were fascinated by Betty, running along the fence following her and sticking their snouts through! Betty was not so sure of them, staying at the end of her lead but I continued to walk up and down until she relaxed and came a little closer. Betty is still young enough to be a little intimidated by such forward behaviour from a new species, so perfect timing for the introduction! Many older puppy’s could be bolder and want to chase them, and that is a no-no if we want our dogs to be safe around livestock. If Betty had been braver I would have walked further from the pigs and taught her to leave them, as it was I could enjoy watching them all and leave her to gain confidence, I will return fairly soon to ensure she is pig proof, a tough job as I will have to eat more food, well it would be rude not to, wouldn’t it? Plus I will take the camera next time promise, you just have to see them, they are so cute!! Unless of course you have already been and have a photo to share? 🙂

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