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Amber chocolate Labrador and Jan’s best friend!

Jan writes:

Amber 22nd March 1997 – 19th August 2011.


Amber was the only chocolate Labrador I have lived with and  I enjoyed and loved her very much!

I remember fondly going to Kings Lynn to choose a chocolate Labrador puppy and you were there with your brothers and sisters, running around the garden. You were the inquisitive one and very nosey and cheeky.My heart was taken straight away and I brought you home that day to meet Bonnie and Tess who both looked after you.

Amber was very faithful and loyal and I miss her dearly. She was a dog that you did not leave doors ajar as she would be off out on the street to have a roam but I always found you (luckily)

I Still have all my wonderful memories and photos of my first chocolate Labrador, but Susie, Lady and I miss you very much and now you are at rest after a wonderful life!

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