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A new puppy class!

I always love starting off with a new group of puppy’s, all that promise and willingness to nurture and that isn’t just the owners:) I have taken these photo’s on the pups second lesson and you can see how well they are doing already! They wouldn’t sit still long enough the first week for me to take pictures! Luckily the sun shone on us, it is always more fun training in good weather! Watch this space to watch them progress and grow over the coming weeks!

We have started off teaching them to sit and watch, go down, lead work and how to stop them jumping up, as you can

see they are making excellent progress!

Sue and Nessa giving a great example of the watch exercise!

Herbie being a very good boy!

Cathy and Herbie demonstrating the watch on command!

Pauline and Ben showing small dogs can be obedient too!

Pauline had to get down low to start Ben off on teaching him to watch.

Ben is just too cute! But he is very clever too!

Nessa showing that Staffies can be nice!

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