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Welcome to the Dog Calmer

Telephone: 07505 277 374

01279 871976

This is dog training with a difference! My name is Avril Munson and I am The Dog Calmer! A dog trainer and behaviour counsellor working with the general public, Vets, Dog Rescue’s (including Battersea Dogs Home and the RSPCA) and students of dog training instructing and behaviour for over 20 years. I have successfully built my business into a leader in the Dog Training industry in the UK, with regular radio shows, TV appearance, residential courses, weekly classes, one on one sessions and training days. Whatever type of session, the outcome is that all clients report a huge surge in confidence and belief that they can train their dogs, even after one session!

  • Classes near Bishop Stortford and Great Dunmow
  • Home visits
  • Classes for puppies, intermediate and beyond in Broxted and Bishop Stortford!
  • Avril also takes one dog (at a time) into her home for training.

Avril is available for talks and training to your dog Club!

Ask me a question and get a personal response tailored to you and your dog!
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