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You can still catch me on BBC Essex Radio with Steve Scruton, the programme is on the iplayer until Wednesday at:

On a more serious note last week Sue and her little Jack Russell cross, Millie suffered a dangerous dog attack! Millie spent the afternoon at the Vets and Sue at the doctor! Both Sue and Millie are on the mend now and I will leave it to Sue to fill in some details on her ordeal in a reply here, when she is up to it! I will say that Sue’s quick thinking and coura

Millie and Sue before the attack!

ge, saved her dog’s life, and kept Millie’s faith in Sue. This was proved the very next day when Millie made a brief appearance at class, to check her reaction to new dogs, happily Millie reacted confidently as normal, Sue having demonstrated that she is one tough pack leader!

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