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Teaching dogs to come to call! and photo’s of some new clients!

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The slide show of photo’s are 3 dogs belonging to Amy, they are one Dachshund called Monty, one mini Dachshund Mikey and a gorgeous Chihuahua called Henry!! In case you haven’t guessed Henry is my favourite 🙂 and Amy now sends me regular photo’s of him!!

The recall subject is not to do with them but I wanted to show you the photo’s 🙂 Amy does seem to have a gift!

I was thinking about recall after Jane had asked on the last blog, as you know I spend a lot of my working day teaching recall and I also have to teach my dogs to be good at coming too! As I walked by the lake last week I could see 2 Mallard ducks some way ahead of us sitting still. The dogs hadn’t noticed them, mostly as they were still, I knew that as we got closer the ducks would take off. What I didn’t want was for Pie and Betty to chase them, I do not let me dogs chase any birds or animals if I can help it to keep their recall strong! I knew that if I had Betty and Pie thinking about me and along with that their brains in gear  I would have a chance, I called them both to me, rewarded and continued, I repeated the recall a few times and threw in a few downs on command too. I had a pocket full of tit bits of course, so they were both rewarded generously. As the ducks spotted us and took off I had just called the dogs, both dogs responded to me and did not chase the ducks!!! A big test for Betty, but one that I helped her to resist in every way I could. If she had failed I would not have been upset with her, but I would have known to work a lot harder, as it is I will most likely get complacent and have to work harder later in the year 🙂 but for now we are on track!!!

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