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Snow and dog photo competition! Results and happy new year!

A very happy new year to all!! My apologies for not giving the results of the snow competition sooner, I was poorly last week and everything went out of the window for the week, having just got over the festivities and the tricky snow time! At long last Phil with Scruffs photo has topped the voting, a bit congratulations to them the prize will be in the post tomorrow!

Betty and Pie are keeping well! It was tough last week when I was off colour, Betty managed to trash the house:) and I didn’t care! Well at least not until I was feeling better and then had to clean up! Pie was meant to be performing stud duties this week, yet despite a lot of enthusiasm he is too coy to oblige, he has one more chance tomorrow!

Both Betty and Pie managed to stay out of and off of the ice on the lake, thankfully! Annie brought Gracie, Betty’s Mum, over with her last week and Gracie was not so successful! Despite the thaw the ice is still on the lake and quite tough in places. Gracie was suddenly in the water and obviously in some shock from the cold, was trying to scrabble onto the ice which just kept breaking under her feet! Thankfully it was only a minute or two (though it felt like 10) before she turned to Annie and I calling her and saw my outstretched arms, to which she quickly swam and I hauled her out! A few minutes later she was practically dry and none the worse for her trauma! Neither Annie or I saw Grace actually go in the water, she was just suddenly there, it happened so fast! Giving us both an unwelcome insight into how quickly tragedy could have hit.

Were any of you given a fright over the holidays?

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