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Pie and Mel’s babies!

Here is a photo of Pie and Mel’s babies, I think they look like Pie already, fat and gorgeous :)!

Smita sent me a lovely photo of Harley, a GSD puppy some of you will have met on a Thursday morning! Harley is growing so fast, he is going to be a really big lad and is already a great example of GSD with an amazing temperament, a real credit to Smita and the breeder!

Thanks to Graham for another brilliant photo of JJ and you! JJ is another ambassador for his breed, he is such a big softy!

I have got behind with the blog again this week, I had a small eye operation that went really well but I had booked some time off work and Annie came over to drive me back and forth! Amazingly well-timed time off with the weather we have had this week, Annie and I had a lovely time sitting in the garden soaking up the sunshine!

The worst thing that has happened is I broke my phone and being off work I hadn’t done a back up of my diary!!! For anyone that has an appointment booked could you ring me please to confirm, in case I have forgotten your appointment?

Pie and Mel's babies!

Harley is growing up! (Thursday morning class)

JJ and Graham!

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