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New dog products, a short review!

I have been reading a dog magazine published in the USA today, what a good read, I just love the adverts for doggy products! From “fart free” tame the flatulence biscuits to a ridiculous Louis XVI  replica of the façade of la Place Verdome, fitted with 24 carat gilded handles and feet and lined with velvet, featuring dog sleeping quarters on the lower floor and drawers on the second level. (from in case you have the odd $7300 to spend on a dog bed!

And the Sonex hat, at least more affordable $18 is a polar fleece with ear pockets to keep your dogs ears warm on cold winter walks from

There are several great products that I would buy if I saw them in a shop!  Let me know if you feel the same way and I will look into importing some?

Here are a few:

Poochie bells, a puppy toilet training aid, they look great and are a fast way to teach your puppy to make a noise when they want to go out, dogs are often more mature before they will bark or whine to go out, so this is a short cut.

Dog print passport holder, it is really pretty!

Brake-fast dog bowls, claim to slow down fast eaters, I would suggest feeding the dog more, fast eating equals very hungry! But in the case of rescue dogs or those prone to gastric problems go to!

This is my favourite the Pro-collar, the answer to the lampshade collar used for post operative care in dogs.  This collar is in the shape of a thick tyre, it prevents the dog turning round on operation sites, without the sharp edges of the lampshade, leaving the dog’s head free for eating and drinking and our legs free of the bruises from the lampshade!

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