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Getting into the festive spirit...

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

The festivities are fast approaching, and we're aiming to spread a little extra magic and sparkle this year, says dog trainer Avril.

Dressed for the season

Dog clothing is something people seem to think I will not be impressed with, but under the right circumstances, I love dog clothes!

Every dog needs a Christmas sweater, don't they? I love them, and if it puts a smile on our faces, I am sure our dogs will be happy too, says Avril.

Here are two very reasonably priced options; after all, it is just for Christmas!

Perfectly groomed for Christmas walks.

Do treat your hairy dog to detangler combs and or brushes, one of my favourite brushes for Border Collie / Golden retriever or similar hair is the human Denman hairbrush.

Perfectly behaved for Christmas Guests

If your dog has a little trouble getting on with guests, arrange some dog training with thedogcalmer. Call us today on 07505 277374 to speak with our trainer Avril.

We also have vouchers to purchase online for our courses, perfect if a loved one has a new puppy and wants training!

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