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Dogs and snow!

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Please send me your doggy snow photo’s there will be a prize for the best!

Betty was a bit surprised by the snow this morning! There was no way she was venturing outside without Pie and I going first on the strange white stuff! By the time we went for a walk we had barely made the gate when she got very excited by the snow! Here are some photo’s I took on our walk this morning, hoping you like them:) can you spot the Stag prints, I seem to have ended up with a few of my footprints, but the stag looked to belong to a big animal and I found them near  the house!

A reminder to be aware of the dangers of ice, so far Betty isn’t tempted onto the lake, I  will be keeping a careful eye on her while all the ice and snow is about!

What are they chatting about?

I would love to hear your caption for the photo of Pie and Betty chatting? 🙂

And Sue sent some photo’s of Nessa’s reaction this morning, distinctly unimpressed!

Did you say "sit stay"? Not likely!

What am I doing out here?

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