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Dog behaviour health check!

Dog Behaviour rarely falls apart over night, signs of trouble ahead are always present (except in the rare

A dog with attitude can cause problems!

case of illness), the tricky part is to spot them before they turn into a major issue! In this post I am including a behaviour health check for your use, if you would like me to email this to you, just drop me a line or put in the comment section of this post? Please feel free to return the questionnaire to me if you would like my feedback on your dog’s behaviour.

Please be as honest as possible.

Dog’s pet name?

Breed or nearest type of dog?

Dog’s age?

Age dog came to you?

What type of establishment did the dog come from? E.g. Home reared/kennel reared /breed specialist /puppy farm /rescue

Did you see either of the parents? Yes / No

Is this the dog first home? Yes / No

Has the dog ever attended any formal training? Yes / No

If so for how long?

Is this your first dog? Yes No

Have there been any major changes in the dog’s life recently? Yes / No

If major changes what kind?

Has the dog had any medical treatment in the last 6 months?

If so what?

Where does the dog sleep?

Do you ever use a crate? Yes / No

Does the dog come when called at home in the house or garden? Yes / No

If yes are there any circumstances when the dog would not come to call at home for example “if the postman was at the door”?  Yes / No

Away from home? Yes / No

Does the dog pull on the lead? Yes / No

Does the dog like retrieving? Yes / No

Does the dog drop toys at your feet or in your lap? Yes / No

Are toys and/or bones left down all the time? Yes / No

What games does your dog like best?


Retrieve tugging digging in the garden stealing and running off hide and seek solitary games playing with other dogs dog runs you chase any that involve a person

Is the dog destructive when left? Yes / No

Is the dog noisy when left? Yes / No

Is jumping up a problem? Yes / No

Is the dog possessive over food or toys?  Yes / No

Does the dog ever growl or bite anyone? Yes / No

Does the dog play bite? Yes / No

Is there any behaviour would you like to change?

In what order?     1.                                    2.                                   3.

How would you describe your dog’s personality?

Is there any behaviour you are concerned about?

What do you most like about your dog’s behaviour?

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