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Cure or avoid your dog being possesive of food!

Preventing or curing your dog of food possession is so simple I have to let you all know, please pass this on to all the dog owners you know, there is no need for any dog to be possessive or aggressive around food!  Prevention is always better than cure so a few simple steps repeated as often as necessary will keep your dog relaxed around food.

I will post a short video highlighting the steps in the next few days for anyone wanting more guidance!

At feeding time, put your dogs food in one bowl and have an empty dog bowl to hand, put the empty bowl on the floor, your dog will wonder where his food is :), now add your dogs food one handful at a time until it is all gone!

If your dog is food possessive already, wait for him to clean the bowl each time before adding more.

You are training your dog that your hand coming near him at the bowl brings more food, he will soon accept anyone near his bowl as likely to bring more food and in this way will not be at all resentful!

Do not ever take your dogs food away from him, this will teach him to be possessive instead of accepting. What would you do if someone kept taking your food from you? I know that I would soon get very protective of my dinner!

The goal is for your dog to accept anyone falling in his dinner, which is the worst that is likely to happen!

If you have any questions please post them in the comments and I will answer them!

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