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Avril here!!

They say life is what happens while you make plans, the last couple of weeks were certainly not on my agenda! A tooth abscess followed by what seemed to be a sickness bug seem to be laying me very low, the hospital kept sending me home, my GP had no idea and my family were beside themselves with worry, finally my brother persuaded the hospital to do a CT scan and they found 2 brain haematoma’s and within 48 hours I was having emergency brain surgery! I had little idea in the last few days what was happening, but I came tojust before the surgery in time to be told what they were doing and I could die! I can’t say I was too upset about that at the time, I had had enough pain to want out.

I am so lucky that I have come through the surgery completely restored, I cannot tell you how rapidly I am recovering, it is like a miracle! I am sure because of all the love and support I have had and am receiving from my amazing family, gorgeous friends and my very special clients!

I will be back in the office part-time from Monday 30th June, and I will make a call then on when the current courses and training will resume. Thank you to everyone for your patience at this extreme time for me! I will keep you posted.

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