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Help find Mollie please? Mollie is home!!

Mollie lives with her family in Takeley, if you live in the area please keep an eye up for her, she is a dear little dog and I know her family are beside themselves with worry! I have a photo and their phone number if anyone can help please?

Emma writes:

Mollie is black body with tan legs (looks rather like a teddy bear).

Ross was walking them both along the Flitch Brewers End Takeley yesterday morning around 10am but Mollie never returned.

We had a call from Hatfield Forrest to say a man had our Mollie but after waiting all day it wasn’t Mollie!

I wondered if anyone had mentioned to you they had found a dog in the last few days?

We have informed the dog wardens in Uttlesford and Herts.

She is not microchip-ed 😦

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