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Comment from Cathy about Vets!

Below is the contents of an email I received from Catherine, it is here with her permission! Catherine thought I might not think it appropriate to mention her Vet, but I know this practice and I can endorse her comments! If you would like to comment with favourable mentions for a Vet please do? I can’t put up the less favourable for risk of being sued, but I think it is great to mention the ones where we have received great service!

Losing a dog is a testing time for the relationship with your Vet and can be made or break, it sure has been for me! So sorry you had to lose your precious boy Cathy, but glad you had the right support and that Sam was treated so well at  the end!

I recorded Panorama last night, I didn’t want to watch it so near to bed time, any one else brave enough? I will watch it at lunchtime and come back to you all later!

“Hi Avril

I missed this programme, but have just spent a few very upsetting minutes reading the comments made on the K9 magazine site in response to that programme.  That led me to a site called Rights 4 Pets at Vets, which incorporates Justice for Ted (

I read the blog which tells the sad story of Ted’s treatment.  I must admit that it really struck a chord, having only lost Sam this time last year.  However, we were fortunate in that Sam was treated with dignity and respect by the Bishops Stortford Veterinary Hospital (who we had never dealt with before that sad day).  This is by no means our nearest vets, but I have made this Sally and Ben’s vets for that very reason, as the animals appear to be treated with compassion and respect.

As I understand it, the current situation is that the RCVS have no jurisdiction to consider complaints where vets may be guilty of negligence, rather they will only adjudicate on matters that have the potential to be regarded as serious professional misconduct. In short, Rights 4 Pets at Vets are looking to promote an effective system of regulation for the veterinary profession.

I thought that this might be of interest to you and fellow pet owners.

Best wishes


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