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Guilt is over rated!

We all have days when we are not our own idea of the perfect dog owner, yes me too! I guess I base my definition on those times in my life when I have given my dogs the maximum amount of training, spent loads of time at home and/or been able to take my dog with me, if I have gone out. Not a very realistic window in time, well it might be if I didn’t have to work for a living.

The reality is that on a working day Pie and Betty do not have the perfect existence, by my standards. I wonder what they think 🙂 ?

They do have a warm home, plenty of food with all of their needs taken care of, the least sign of sickness would find them at the Vets having the latest medical treatment (much faster than I would get myself, in all likelihood!). They also have an owner that knows that they do not speak english as a first language or a 25th one, an owner who reminds herself regularly that they are dogs and therefore will do stuff that I don’t like, things like be opportunistic by stealing food if it is available, recycle pony pooh just because they can, chase wild life if left to their own devices and generally not read my mind, though I am

Betty with (Dad) Pie and (Mum) Gracie!

working on that one:)! I am an owner who is accepting of behaviour that must be managed and behaviour that I am wasting my breath moaning about, much better use my energy to put food out of reach, or shut my dog away from the opportunity!

I do not, generally, nag, moan or give my dog a hard time for just being a dog. I do praise my dogs when they get “it” right and thereby increase their confidence in themselves and me.

I do notice when I feel guilty and rather than give myself a hard time, I take the few minutes I do have to play, train, groom or be with my dogs, and if I really can’t find those few minutes I buy them something nice to chew on!

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