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Dylan the super hero!

A handsome and clever standard Poodle!

I thought you might all like to share this email I received from Linda about her Standard Poodle Dylan, we have been working together and this is what happened:

“The main reason I’m emailing is to tell you what happened last evening.  I’d started putting the dinner on in the fan oven.  It had been on for about 5 minutes and I was just sorting out to put the chips in when Dylan started to bark.  I thought he wanted the toilet so told him to hang on a minute while I put the chip packet back in the freezer.  He then went to Mum and started barking at her.  Then I heard what sounded like a hissing or spitting noise and looked in the oven to find that the fan had stopped working and the wiring inside the oven had started to burn, fortunately with just a small flame.  Dylan barked 4 more times when I opened the oven but stopped immediately when I turned the power off and then he went and laid down.  We’re convinced he was trying to warn us as he must have smelt something or heard the sparking noise of a fire beginning to start.

So now Dylan is our little superhero and we’ve had to go out and buy a new cooker!

Also, this morning at breakfast we popped Dylan back in his pen but he wouldn’t settle and kept barking at Dad who was making coffee.  Dad then had a dizzy turn and we had to sit him down until it passed. As soon he sat down Dylan stopped barking and settled down.  Now this could have been coincidence but who knows?”

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