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Betty makes more friends!

Betty meets Beccy and Mum Hilary before their class starts

Betty meets Lottie

Lottie and Mac try the cones on!

Pie waits for Mac to throw the ball and Betty takes advantage of him being distracted!

Betty acting grown up!

Thursday was a busy day for Betty, my niece Lottie came to meet her along with her brother Mac! It was love at first sight for both of them! Lottie is 5 years old and a great age for a puppy, I think she will learn to be a dog trainer with Betty, she is pretty good already with practice from her dog Doyle (son of my late Teddy), but she doesn’t remember him as a puppy so this is great fun for her.

Betty got more practice with children when Beccy came to class with her Mum Hilary and their dog Truffle, a Labradoodle, before class Beccy had cuddles!

Betty’s favourite toy of the day is a cardboard box!

Toilet training is going well at the moment, as long as I remember to take Betty out enough, I found one little wet patch on the back door mat, I see this as a positive as she was trying to get out the back door, and my back door is in the utility room a long way for a young puppy to go to find the door! I am going to try using the bells (poochie bells, hang on the door handle, the idea is the puppy knocks them when trying to go out and alerts us to them being by the door) on the door to see how they work! I will let you know in due course, this will be my first chance at trying them out first hand!

Truffle Labradoodle

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