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Betty grows up!

Another mile stone in Betty’s life, she has started her first season at 15 months of age! Girl dogs can have their first season anytime after they are 6 months old and generally before they are 2 years old. I want to breed from Betty after she is mature, after her second birthday,  I would like to put her to a Poodle!

For those that haven’t been through this a bitch’s season lasts 21 days, the height of their fertility is around the 14 days stage, but they can mate several times at anytime during this period. Poor Pie is getting a bit desperate now as Betty is into the 2nd week! And no being her Daddy has no influence on what he would like to do! Pie and Betty are having to take turns at being in their crates, which is making us all a little crazy, one morning I even let them out together!! Luckily I woke up very quickly and put Betty back again!

The hot weather at the weekend was perfect timing for giving dogs and pony a bath! I hoped a cold shower would cool Pie’s ardour, but it had little effect, but they do all smell good now!

Bathing, has been a topic at puppy class recently, I am often asked how often to bath a dog? My answer is when they smell, at least that is when I bath mine, or at change of coats, it helps get the dead coat out faster  I think. But the reason we were discussing this at class is because a few of the new puppies are rolling in nasty smelly stuff! I have a theory on this, that too much product on their coats makes them roll in bad smells more, any one else agree? Though it is difficult not to if they stink!

Clean, fluffy and a bit damp Pie and Betty!

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