recall training

recall training

The importance and value of teaching your dog to come to call cannot be emphasised too much, it really is the gift that keep on giving.

I once lived with a dog that wouldn’t always come to call, as a result she was run over by a car, fortunately she did recover, after a long recuperation. The experience made me determined to do everything in my power to help prevent other owners going through this ordeal. I am delighted to share my knowledge with you; I have spent several years researching and refining recall training.

This training course and the “recall line” are the result. The real secret to training any dog to come to call is time, effort and of course, the right information and equipment.

At different ages and stages of development and training dogs require different approaches to their training. By training in small groups we can gradually introduce all the distractions that your dog needs to learn to recall from other dogs - people - and even a pony.

Intensive small groups of maximum of 5 handlers with Avril as tutor – one off sessions (There are 3 levels of training to the recall firstly establishing the recall with few distractions progressing gradually to creating distractions and finally the dog is ready for training in the real world. I regularly hold sessions at each level.

All dogs must receive regular and consistent training, until maturity (at least 2 years old) to produce a well-balanced and obedient companion. The Dog provides the complete program to help you achieve this goal.

The recall session
Held in a fully fenced garden in a beautiful rural setting in Great Canfield, with further Countryside available as we progress.
On arrival at your first recall session please leave your dog in the car while you find me, (if this is a problem please let me know beforehand and we can make other arrangements).