Puppies level 3 - INTERMEDIATE

Weekly Puppy Class Level 3 - INTERMEDIATE - six week course

Moving into Level 3 - (Intermediate) training can be a particularly challenging time in your dogs development, if you started training when your puppy was around 12 weeks and 12 weeks later you are entering an intermediate course your puppy is now over 6 months old and entering puberty!
In the puppy class we were in imprinting phase now everything changes, 6 to 10 months is the most critical and challenging time for training, therefore handlers often move to a higher set of expectations.

To consolidate prior learning and move on, it is now important that our approach should be more disciplined:
So from now on, every week every handler entering classroom setting must have their dog at heel, not rushing up to other class members!

Awarding of Certificates
These objectives represent a rough idea of the standard that you and your dog could potentially achieve over this course, with practice at home. However no two dogs are the same and the objectives act purely as a guide and a measure of your progress. They are entirely optional. If you have any questions or are concerned in any way, please speak to me and I will be happy to help you.