Puppies level 1

Weekly Puppy Class Level 1 - six week course

Please give your dog the opportunity to toilet before training, whether before leaving home or on arrival. Please don’t allow your dog to lift a leg on buildings or garden furniture.
You are most welcome to bring spectators to class, but please do not allow visitors to handle your dog during the session; this is primarily your lesson as well as your dogs. Please ensure your puppy doesn’t jump on others as you arrive or get jumped on, we want all dogs and people to feel confidant at class.
If you feel that you are not succeeding with an exercise, it is possible that I have not explained it properly or I have not communicated it in a way that you have understood. Please tell me if you feel you need more help with an exercise – I will be more than happy to go through it again. Please do not use extendible leads in class. A four foot lead is preferable; I do have leads available to purchase.

Equipment for you:
The right foot wear is essential in training. Please choose carefully for your needs. We are working outside and potentially on all surfaces
If wearing a long scarf please secure inside your coat
Sun cream for hot weather
Waterproofs for rainy days

Equipment for your dog:
Each week you will need a four foot lead
Appropriate harness of collar (please ask my advice if you are unsure)
Plenty of tasty tit bits
Week 3 please also bring grooming tools
Please feel free to ask questions at any time during class, generally there is specifically time allowed at the start and finish of each session.

Please bear in mind no two dogs are the same and the puppies will train at different rates. If you have any questions or are concerned in any way, please speak to me and I will be happy to help you. It is important to me that you and your dog enjoy your lessons and that I support you in getting the dog you want!

I recommend incorporating your training into your time spent walking and playing with your puppy. Puppies need many repetitions for an exercise or a word to be truly learnt, the more you repeat the exercises from the class the better your dog will remember and improve.
It is important for handlers to understand that a 6 week Puppy/Beginner Course is not enough to produce a sociable and well-trained dog. A dog must receive regular and consistent training, until maturity (at least 2 years old) to produce a well-balanced and obedient companion. thedogcalmer.com provides the complete program to help you achieve this goal.