Group training overview

Training the natural way

Small friendly groups for training your puppy or dog with Avril Munson

Maximum of 5 dogs and handlers to a class!
Dogs and handlers handpicked to match one another as closely as possible to work through a systematic, easy to follow system of training from Puppy to Advanced!
  • Puppy & Adult Dog Classes Level 1
  • Puppy & Adult Dog Classes Level 2
  • Puppy & Adult Dog Classes Level 3 (Intermediate)
  • One to One Classes (Advanced)
  • Natural environment training (includes dog walks with lead and recall training)
  • Coaching for obedience competitions for beginner to experienced dogs
  • Teaching your dog to play your games i.e. retrieve, find and more
  • Dog to dog for dogs with social problems
  • Our Advance Classes follow a more informal training programme that is more like real life!

What happens at classes?<>

Each new course begins with introductions of the people and goal setting, both short and long term.
The goal setting allows the group to decide on their focus, creating a cohesive friendly group and supportive environment for people and dogs.
As you progress to higher classes the exercises become more varied and increasingly more challenging as we move away from body language and the dog learns vocal commands, and the distance between dog and handler increases to create obedience at a distance and off lead!

Typically in a puppy class we cover:

  • Teach your dog to walk on lead
  • Come to call Recall
  • Sit on command
  • Down on command
  • Stay sit and down
  • Attention getting exercises
  • Handling and grooming<

  • The unwanted behaviours covered might include:

  • Jumping up
  • Play biting
  • Barking
  • Stealing and other unwanted attention seeking behaviours

  • Any unwanted behaviour that the group choose in week one would be included in the course, it can take longer to change them completely, but the owner should start to feel in control immediately.

    As you and your dog advance we add more advanced exercises:

  • Retrieve
  • Scent
  • Fun agility
  • Veterinary examination
  • Go to bed

  • Plus take all of the exercises to an advanced stage with the dog performing off lead in the company of other dogs and distractions

    These advance exercises are introduced in simple fun way to begin with that allows us to advance your dog in a fun way to a high standard in progressive steps!
    Classes take place outside in a beautiful area, at first we stay in a fenced area, but as the group progresses we go out into open countryside, so that you know when you go home your dog will still behave away from class!

    There is a lot of emphasis on the relationship between the dog and handler, so that you become a dog whisperer with your own dog!