one-to-one training

one-to-one training

Some typical issues that can be covered in a one to one session. This is by no means the extent of what we are able to help you with, so if you have other issues, please ask for our advice.

Pulling on the lead
Chewing and home wrecking

Dog to dog aggression

Dog to people aggression

Barking Excitable behaviour

Grooming advice

Pooh eating

Jumping up

Toilet training Introducing a new baby

Introducing a new pet

Dog food and feeding

All aspects of puppy care
To sterilise or not and when
What breed of dog would suit me?
What happens in the first session?
Ideally takes place at mine, while discussing and getting to know the humans I generally appear to ignore the dog but in fact I am observing whilst staying uninvolved, this allows the dog to tell me their story.
This is a 3 way journey with the dogs and humans sharing what they need from me and then the 3 of us working out what we need to do to improve behaviour and the relationship.

Who I want to work with?
Commitment from owners to see the process through to success and dedicate time to practice and changing their own behaviour.
Clients that want to succeed and are willing to take responsibility for the part they have played and will play.

What you can expect from me, support in any way I can on this journey
I am first and foremost a fellow dog lover, I do not see dog behaviour as good or bad - more what I want, or don’t want. Empathy I have experienced living with some of the worst dog behaviour in dogs. I have owned and lived with myself, so I am in a position to understand both sides of the problem. 
We all make mistakes, it is what we do in response to mistakes that will take us forward.
I can help you - Learn the dog view on life - understand, positive actions for positive behaviour changes - Help you make it fun and enjoyable.

Creating partnerships
Honest assessments, if i don’t think you or your dog can I will tell you.

The dog does have to want to change too, it does happen from time to time that the dog does not want to change and I have learnt to respect that sometimes the people don’t want to, for example one client I had whose dog suffered with separation anxiety, did not want to treat the anxiety but having understood the dog better chose to ensure the dog was never left alone.