ongoing training - Intermediate Level 3

intermediate Level 3 - six week course

Each week commences with a quick question time, followed by warm up exercises. You and your dog need to prepare by connecting on simple exercises. I encourage you to commence your home training in the same way! Please give your dog the opportunity to toilet before training, whether before leaving home or on arrival. (You are welcome to use the field next to the horse paddock for toileting as long as you pick up)
Suggested warm up exercises at this level are:
Loose lead work (strong turns, look where you are going, progressing into heelwork with sits at heel)
Short recalls (with and without stays)
Sit, Down and Stand on the spot progressing to moving a pace away on the lead
The purpose of all of the tests is to ensure you have the skills required at this point in your dogs training to ensure your progression. If your dog does not perform an exercise please be persistent and complete any way you can!
Stewarded heel work on and off lead - demonstrating all turns
Formal recall minimum 15 paces with present and finish
“A” recall

Dumbbell or dummy with present - sit in front of handler on return
Sit Stay - 1 minute
Down Stay - 5 minutes
For the duration of the Stay the handler is to remove the lead and stand 2 paces away from the dog. Handler continuing to command the dog as required.
Send Away:
Down away from handler on the dogs bed - 5 paces away
Social exercises:
Tying up - handler out of sight
Stand stay for examination by instructor
As a group:
Sit stay at heel while owner has conversation with another person

Awarding of Certificates!

If you have any questions or are concerned in any way, please speak to me and I will be happy to help you.

Equipment needed every week:
4 foot lead
Correcty fitted collar/harness/head collar or the right equipment for walking your dog
Tasty titbits


Equipment for you:
The right foot wear is essential in training. Please choose carefully for your needs. We are working outside and potentially on all surfaces especially the week of the walk - long grass, nettles as well as muddy lanes if wet, or hard bumpy ground.
If wearing a long scarf please secure inside your coat
Sun cream for hot weather
Waterproofs for rainy days