The Dog Calmer
A quick guide to training

An overview

For young puppies, the best approach is to join a Group Class. This will need an assessment of both dog and owner to find out if both can work within a Group Class. As well as the training there is the social factor to consider, whilst the groups are small there is a degree of interaction within the group. It maybe decided the progress would be most beneficial if started with some individual classes to help with any issues that would impede progress in the group environment.

The same process would be followed prior to bringing and older dog into a group class.

You could consider Group Classes as foundation training, control, handling mixing with other dogs and people outside the family environment.

Dogs 12 months old and over, are moving into Juvenile/Adulthood. Training should continue with Intermediate levels 2, 3 and 4. After this we move onto advanced levels 1 and 2.

One to one sessions tend to address particular problems and could be described as behavioural issues such as, Dog to Dog Aggression, Dog to Human Aggression and Anxieties & Phobias would come into this category.

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“Bit by bit, we were enabled, enlightened and empowered and all the way through the process there was constant positivity and encouragement. Avril's skill and patience with dog owners and their dogs, in all their different guises, is outstanding. Thank you, Avril.

Diane, John & Tehya